• Boiling Pan is suitable to boil, steam, poach, braise or simmer various delicacy.
  • Double walled lid balanced by means of a hinge with front handle, with diagonal opening to 75° which allows the lid to be kept open in any position.
  • Vessel emptying by drain valve with handle in heat-resistant material and safe and effortless handling. Safety gas valve and piezo ignition


  • Kettle made from AISI 304 stainless steel 2 mm & base plate of the pan is constructed in AISI 304 quality stainless steel 3 mm.
  • Direct heating with AISI 304 stainless steel burners positioned outside the kettle. Gas safety valve with auto ignition on front panel.
  • Thick insulating panels for thermal insulation of kettle. Available in Static & Tilting Versions
  • Gas & Electric – Direct & Indirect Heating Models
  • Manual as well as motorised tilting with Gas / Electrical Cut-Off System on Pan Tilting


  • Heated by means of high efficiency stainless steel tubular burners - Tap with safety valve with thermocouple (direct gas version only).
  • Jacket pressure control by means of safety valve calibrated at 0.5 bar, steam release valve and pressure gauge only in indirect gas version.
  • External valve allows to manually evacuate excess air accumulated in the jacket during heating phase.
  • Safety thermostat protects against low water level & safety valve avoids overpressure of the steam in the jacket.
  • Front drainage tap in chromium-plated brass with heat-resistant handle.
  • Pressure in the water-filled jacket is visible on a pressure gauge.


  • Heating by means of Incoloy water heating elements with adjustable temperature regulator.
  • Heating element safety thermostat with heating block to maintain adequate temperature while ensuring sufficient water level.
  • Control of water level in jacket with maximum/minimum taps and optional automatic water filling Control in jacket through operating pressure gauge and safety valve calibrated at 0.5 bar, steam relief valve and pressure gauge.
  • Standard power supply 400V-3N-50Hz