Food Waste Disposer & Dehydra


Apollo Kitchen Equipment has tied-up with ECOFAST Italia a company which invented Dehydra. The Dehydra is a defining & innovative technology in managing food waste. With aid of this system, food waste can be separated at the first stage which is then becomes easier to not only recycle other kitchen waste but the waste processed though Dehydra can be utilized to generate further utility like generation of Bio-Gas, Electricity and finally organic compost. Food Waste Disposers (FWD) improve the quality of your life and make kitchens clean, hygienic and environmentally responsible by reducing, in terms of mass and odours, the quantity of food waste produced and disposed of to the garbage bin. Thanks to our integrated food waste management solutions for Restaurants, Hotels, Hospitals, Supermarkets, Canteens and Residential Apartment, we provide more productive operations and waste reduction systems to the foodservice industry.

Key benefits of the system


  • Odour elimination. The dewatered food waste has a very low fermentation rate because most of the water content has been drained
  • No food waste stored at kitchen level – reducing risk of cross contamination
  • Eliminates transportation of food waste around the premises – reduces labour cost
  • Separation of food waste from other waste, reduces disposal costs
  • Automatic self cleaning cycle require no human intervention at dewater level
  • Simple efficient design reducing maintenance and service costs
  • High power food waste stations (2,2 kW) ensure a long term heavy duty solution
  • Compact food waste storage room required as the food waste is reduced in volume by up to 80%.

Domestic Food Waste Disposer

Commercial Food Waste Disposer

  2. Waste Station
  3. Installation Features



Temporary Storage Tank w/mixer & level sensors

Waste Station SC1B

Free Standing FWD

Modular/Rewiser Dehydra Unit

Vertical Waste Station SC1

S1200 MAXI Free Standing Unit

Snop Pro