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We had a vision to establish ourselves as one of the prominent supplier of entire gamut of commercial kitchen equipment to the hospitality industry. Moving ahead one step we proudly introduce DOLPHIN Dishwasher in our product line. DOLPHIN Corporation is a leading manufacturer of Commercial Dishwasher in South Korea. To their credit, they posses more than 30 of internal & external technology patents & certifications.

DOLPHIN is producing Commercial Dishwasher with highest royalty from its domestic clients as well as Asian market & they are keeping more than 50% of market-share & profound confidence from all domestic clients due to best quality, excellent After-Sales service & serving clients with first priority.

Owing their expertise in Commercial Dishwasher and our own 20 years of market presence in commercial kitchen equipment industry, we are confident of delivering same quality & value to our Indian Customers.

SPEC Model Undercounter Advanced Hood Type Premium Hood Type Hood-Type Dishwasher Conveyor Type
Dw-1100 Dw-3228s DW-5080s DW-4000 DRC-1E
Dimension(mm) 600 * 600 * 800 650 * 650 * 1355 690 * 745 * 1455 650 * 720 * 1405 1400 * 720 * 1615
Body Material STS304 STS304 STS304 STS304 STS304
Wash Arm Type Upper Rotary Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed
Lower Rotary Rotary Rotary Rotary Fixed
Powder 220v/1p/50Hz/4kw 220v/1p/50Hz/4kw 380v/3p/50Hz/9.7kw 380v/3p/50Hz/10.2kw 380v/3p/50Hz/20kw
Pump Capacity(kw) Wash Pump 1kw 1kw 1.7kw 1.2kw 1.7kw
Rinse Pump 0.13kw 0.13kw 0.13kw 0.13kw
Heater capacity(kw) Wash 1kw 6kw
Booster 2.80 2.08 8kw 9kw 12kw
Tank Capacity(Liter) Wash Tank 18L 40L 50L 42L 80L
Rinse Tank 8L 27L 29L 20L 18L
Rinse Temp(°C) 60-65 °c 60-65 °c 60-65 °c 60-65 °c 60-65 °c
Wash Temp(°C) 80-85 °c 80-85 °c 80-85 °c 80-85 °c 80-85 °c
Wash Time(sec)/Optional 8 phase 40-120sec 40-120sec 40-120sec 54/78/114/144-50 sec
Rinse Time(sec)/Optional 8 phase 6-13sec 6-13sec 6-13sec 6-13sec
Rinse Water(L/8sec) 3L 3L 3L 3L 6L
Capacity(Rack/Hr) 45 Rack/Hr 45 Rack/Hr 60 Rack/Hr 4 Cycles 69/46/32/25-73 Rack/Hr* 100Rack/Hr

* This Model has an option of 4 auto wash cycle through Inbuilt Control Panel.

Conveyor Type Dishwasher

Compact Slide dishwasher

Conveyor Type Dishwasher

  Slide Conveyor Type Dishwasher

Hood Type Dishwasher

Premium – DW-5080S

Advanced – DW-3228S

DW 4000